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Solar Inverter & Solar Power System Repairs

Inverter and System Repairs

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Solar System, Solar Inverter Repairs, Solar system cleaning, Solar System Maintenance are all specialities of 30 North Solar. If you have discovered that your Solar inverter is not working or the solar inverter is flashing a warning light, you should have the solar system looked at as soon as possible. We specialise in the repair of all solar systems, solar inverters no matter who installed or sold the solar system. We handle the warranty claim process for you for solar inverter repair. We also submit reports on your solar system or solar inverter for your insurance provider where applicable. We don't charge you just to turn up! We provide a free assessment and quote on your solar system and inverter repair.

Repair and Inspection Gallery

The Images below are from systems we have repaired, inspected, sent in by clients or spotted on out travels. additionally, there are some images of what to look for. remember you get what you pay for!!

Solar Power Maintenance Program

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For Peace of Mind.

Let us take care of your System

Solar Annual Maintenance Program

You want to ensure that the solar system is performing at its peak and is safe and secure. Joining the 30 North’s annual solar maintenance program is a nice and easy set and forget way to ensure that your system is being taken care of by professionals.

Poorly maintained solar systems can lose performance, heavily soiled panels can reduce your systems output by 8 – 10%. Whilst the rain does a pretty good job of cleaning the worst of the dust and dirt off the panels, over time a film does build up reducing performance. The Australian standard AS5033:2012 recommends that panels be cleaned quarterly and the system inspected on an annual basis. Join our annual maintenance program today and save 15%.

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All of our Installers are Clean Energy Council Accredited for design and installation. 30 North is also a licensed electrical contractor and fully insured. 30 North is a Clean Energy Council member.

30 North has a range of customised maintenance packages, inspections and tests we don’t believe in the one size fit all approach. 30 North provides you with a comprehensive report and a maintenance log book. The great news you don’t have to be home for the inspection unless your inverter is located internally. If this is the case we can schedule your inspection at a time that suits you.

You can see more detailed information on our maintenance and testing by clicking on the link below.

Inspection and Testing

Solar Power System Issues

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Common Solar Issues We Encounter.

Solar Power Performance and Reliability Related Issues

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Whilst high quality and correctly installed solar systems are robust and designed to endure harsh climates like ours, this does not offer automatic protection from equipment failure, mechanical damage or other issues. Take a look at common issues we have encountered during our many years in the solar industry.

A solar system will be on your home or business for a minimum of 25 years and subjected to our challenging environment. You want to be sure that your solar investment is electrically safe, installed correctly and performing at optimal levels.

Most of the solar issues we see relate to the poor quality BOS components, poor quality solar panels that are not fit for our climate, poor solar installation techniques and animal damage which all result in underperformance and in some cases unsafe solar systems. When it comes to the safety of your family and your home, an annual inspection and safety check is a small price to pay.

See below for an overview of recommendations adapted from AS/NZS 5033:2012 Installation and safety requirements for photovoltaic (PV) arrays Appendix C.

  1. PV Solar Panels – cleaning - Quarterly
  2. PV Solar Panels – Inspection - Annually
  3. BOS – Installation - Annually
  4. Solar Electrical Characteristics Testing - Annually

If you have had your solar system installed and you have trouble answering the following questions please contact us to arrange a safety inspection.

  1. Has your solar system been installed to the following standards 4777,5033, 3000,1170.2?
  2. Has your solar system been tested since its installation?
  3. Is your solar system performing correctly?
  4. Are any of the following retailers or manufacturers warranties about to expire?
  • Solar Installation and workmanship?
  • Inverter manufactures warranty?
  • Solar Panel manufactures warranty?

Regular Solar Maintenance

Can pick up issues relating to warranty claims, saving you thousands of dollars. Solar systems that are not installed incorrectly or have substandard BOS components can result in underperforming solar systems, or pose a real risk to life and property.

Solar System Shading

It should come as no surprise that shading does have a significant effect on solar panel performance and impacts the overall output of a solar system. If a solar panel is shaded and wired in series (wired in a string) with other solar panels, then the output of all those solar panels in the array will be affected by the partial shading of one solar panel. Where possible the solar panels should be installed where there are no shading issues. This isn’t always possible due to immovable objects and unavailability of other roof areas. If you have shading the effects of this should be understood as there will be a loss of performance and a lower return with a possibility of damage to the affected solar panels.

A great example is the placement of an A4 piece of paper onto a solar panel. When measuring IV-curve a single A4 piece of paper reduced the string output performance by 10% and an A3 piece of paper reduced it by 18%. This is a very valid reason to ensure a consultant actually visits the site and checks for any shading issues. A satellite inspection via Google Earth or Near Maps will not sufficiently identify shading issues. 30 North has state of the art site analysis tools to evaluate your site for shading taking into account annual sun paths and irradiation for your longitude and latitude. Contact us for an In-home Consultation today or to have your system tested for safety and performance.

Solar Panel Browning

Solar Browning or yellowing of solar panels is a result of the ethylene‐vinyl acetate (EVA) copolymer encapsulant degrading. The EVA protects the solar panel cells from moisture and UV radiation.

solar panel browning or yellowing can result in real power losses in the solar panel, with reduction of power in some cases over 50% of the initial power output of the solar panel. Other effects of browning are additional heat absorption of the solar panel which accelerates the browning and the mismatch effect. Any solar panels affected by browning should be replaced. They cannot be repaired. 30 North solar can perform an in depth analysis of your solar system with our state of the art solar testing equipment to accurately measure the performance of your solar system. 30 North can also assist you with your warranty claims and solar system repairs.

Solar Panel Mismatch

Solar panel mismatch performance losses are triggered by the interconnection of solar panels which do not have identical properties or experience dissimilar conditions from one another. These mismatch losses are a serious problem in solar photovoltaic panels, with the entire solar system’s performance in worst case conditions being determined by the solar panel with the lowest output. This in turn can lead to highly localised power dissipation and the resultant local heating may cause irreversible damage to the module.

Solar Panel Hot Spots

A hot spot condition exists when a solar cell within a panel generates less current than the string current of the solar panel. Some of the leading causes are shading, damage or electrical mismatch of cells and panels. Bypass diodes are now standard in crystalline solar panels. The bypass diode’s core function is to eliminate hot spots forming, preventing damage to the panel and making the solar panel safer with less risk of fire. This enables the solar panel to operate with higher reliability over its lifetime.

The bypass diodes are not the cure-all for shading. Shading will reduce your system output. If you have shading issues, your site needs to be evaluated with the correct tools and knowledge.

Your solar system’s design is a critical factor. Each site should be investigated for fit and purpose, ensuring the system meets the current Australian Standards. Don’t leave it to the so called experts who use an out-dated satellite image as the basis of their design. Contact 30 North Your Full Service Solar Specialist

Solar System Issues Part 2

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Solar Maintenance Is Important!

Solar System Issues continued...

Animal Damage

A very common problem we see with solar systems is cables being chewed on or through by animals. The usual offender is the humble opossum and the crime takes place at night. Whilst the cables are not a food source they are at risk if the solar panel array is sitting too high off the roof, the solar panel cables are not fixed to the framing correctly or are too close to the perimeter of the solar array. Chewed or damaged solar cables pose a very serious risk for electrocution and starting fires. It’s important to check your solar systems output via your inverter on a weekly basis. If you see the performance drop below what you could expect for the conditions then get the system checked by an CEC accredited electrician or 30 North’s solar system testing team. 30 North can assist you with your insurance claim and solar system and inverter repairs.

NOTE: Solar arrays need to have adequate clearance from the roof to allow organic matter and water escape and not build up. Never get up on your roof to clean or inspect your solar panels. Your precious life is worth more than a few extra kWh or the cost of getting a CEC qualified electrician out to give you piece of mind.

Warning: if you suspect any fault with your solar system shut it down immediately, please follow the correct shutdown procedures.

Firstturn off the Solar AC Supply switch in the meter box, or nearest switchboard and/or the AC isolator next to your solar inverter, these should be labelled "Solar AC Isolator" or "Solar Supply Main Switch".

Secondturn off the Solar DC supply isolator switch next to the inverter, labelled "PV Array Isolator" or DC Isolator Switch"

Tip: for Shutdown think of the band AC-DC. For start-up do the same in reverse DC-AC.

Incorrect Solar Panel Selection for the Conditions

The power output of a solar panel is affected by its temperature and this in turn affects the overall performance of your solar system. As a result the power output will be reduced by between 0.25% (amorphous cells) and 0.5% (most crystalline cells) for each degree C of temperature rise over the laboratory test conditions (usually 25C).

Panel temperatures in Queensland easily reach 50C outside of summer conditions, resulting in a 12% reduction in output compared to the rated output at 25C. We have seen panel temperatures exceeding 85C in the summer. This is the very reason panel selection is critical for performance and longevity).

INFO: Temperature Coefficient of a Solar Panel.

The temperature coefficient is a number that describes how well the solar panel handles temperatures above 25C. The units of this number are “% per deg C”. The lower percentage the better the panel performs over 25C. Anything over 6% we don’t believe is suitable for Queensland. A high temperature coefficient is a great signal to stay away from the purchase of the solar panel due to its lower ability to perform in the Queensland environment).

Call 30 North for all of your solar system design needs. We use state of the art software to tailor a solar system for your home, utilising best in class products that are engineered to withstand our climate.

Solar Panel Cell Delamination

Solar panel delamination is observed to varying degrees in a small percentage of solar modules. Delamination can be between superstrate (ie. glass), substrate (ie. Backsheet) and encapsulantor between encapsulant and cells. Usually the result of an adhesive bond that is sensitive to UV, humidity, or contamination from the material.

Broken Interconnects

Interconnects break due to stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction or due to repeated mechanical stress. Solar systems installed incorrectly (i.e. panels overhanging roof ridgelines), tilted solar arrays, incorrect spacing of fixing brackets and rails that are subject to high wind loads can cause mechanical failure.

Electrical Connections

The junction box, solar panel connections, earth faults, plugs and connectors, incorrectly sized AC and DC isolators, breakers, cables and incorrect wiring all have a bearing on the system’s reliability. This is the very reason your system should be tested every year. Contact 30 North solar to arrange a maintenance inspection and schedule.

Solar Panel Structural Failures

Sometimes the solar panel itself cannot endure mechanical stress and this can result in glass breakage, cell damage and frame failure. Wind loading is a large contributor to mechanical stress here in Queensland, especially during the storm season.

Installing a solar system onto structures that are not suitably designed to take additional loads could have disastrous affects putting lives and property at risk. This could also void your insurance and warranty covers. When contemplating fitting a system to your building or substructures (sheds, carports, verandas ect.) the structural integrity of any building should not be overlooked. If you are unsure consult a structural engineer.

Your solar system’s design is a critical factor. Each site should be investigated for fit and purpose, ensuring the system meets the current Australian Standards. Don’t leave it to the so called experts who use an out-dated satellite image as the basis of their design. Contact 30 North Your Full Service Solar Specialist

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