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Structural Failures

Structural Failures

Sometimes the panel itself cannot endure mechanical stress and this can result in glass breakage, cell damage and frame failure. Wind loading is a large contributor to mechanical stress here in Queensland, especially during the storm season.

Installing a solar system onto structures that are not suitably designed to take additional loads could have disastrous affects putting lives and property at risk. This could also void your insurance and warranty covers. When contemplating fitting a system to your building or substructures (sheds, carports, verandas ect.) the structural integrity of any building should not be overlooked. If you are unsure consult a structural engineer.

Your system’s design is a critical factor. Each site should be investigated for fit and purpose, ensuring the system meets the current Australian Standards. Don’t leave it to the so called experts who use an out-dated satellite image as the basis of their design. Contact 30 North Your Full Service Solar Specialist

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