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Solar! Live Greener Today

Live Greener Today with a 30 North Solar System

You have heard the saying about the two certainties in life right? Death and Taxes…well if we all wish to continue to our current lifestyles we need to add a third - pay for electricity!

Here’s how we see it...

We all like the mod cons, cars, televisions, computers, gaming devices, swimming pools and you get the picture. We spent thousands sometimes tens of thousands on our trinkets, luxuries, toys and transportation and we buy the best that we can afford.

Interestingly enough when we buy these items there is a common theme. We all expect to lose money on them and expect no return for the money we spend. We pay taxes and running costs on these items and we receive no rebates to purchase them or receive funds for using them (in a non-commercial sense), but we still do, everyday.

If you think about it, just about everything that we buy has embodied energy in its manufacturing, shipping and retailing. Most things will use electricity to either operate, or to continue to operate, for example the fuel pump at a service station requires electricity to fill your car with petrol.

Here is the question that frequently makes our heads spin. Why is it that as consumers we think of solar as a product we can’t afford unless the government funds it or it’s a product for the wealthy? Solar is already playing a significant role in Australia’s green energy economy. Solar is reliable, it’s scalable, it’s safe when installed correctly and solar is becoming cost-competitive with conventional electricity resources.

There are real savings to be made with solar. The average family in Queensland will spend between fifty five thousand to sixty five thousand dollars on electricity over the next 25 years. Electricity prices will rise every year and we believe the rise will be between 5% - 8%.

With or without rebates and the FIT, Solar is a win-win! For every kW/h your home consumes from your system, you save the amount equal to the fee you are charged per kW/h by your energy retailer. If your consumption is lower you feed the balance to the grid and you get paid the FIT for anything you export, adding the benefits of doing your part to reduce carbon (CO2) emissions. Our trinkets, luxuries, toys and transportation cost us real money, they contribute to carbon (CO2) emissions. Why not strike a balance? Save money and the environment.

The other item that puzzles us when we hear the media and the industry cry out the sky is falling, no more rebates or generous FITs! This pessimistic approach does more harm than good. The focus should be on the fact that largely due to the incentives for solar globally and the unprecedented uptake, it is now a product for the masses and is one of the only products we can purchase to offset our growing electrical costs and CO2 emissions.

We all should thank the Australian and local governments for the rebates. This initiative has led to a fantastic renewable energy industry that is employing thousands of people and adding to this great country’s economy! Yes, the rebates have attracted some cowboys to the market. Unfortunately these cowboys have abandoned safety quality for a fast buck! Flooding the market with inferior products and leaving unhappy customers in their wake. Sadly this is the dark side of this kind of unprecedented growth. The good news for the industry is that the reduction in rebates is taking its toll on the unwelcome. Not so good news if you happen to be a client of one of these companies.

You have heard this good saying many times before “You get what you pay for” when it comes to solar you sure do! The cheaper the price, the lower the quality! Saving a few thousand upfront may sound great, however the risk with cheap inferior products is high, often the repair costs more that the system is worth.

Whether it’s your first steps into the world of renewable energy or you require a reliable company to service, test and maintain your current system, 30 North is here to help!

Warm Regards,

The 30 North Team.