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    Time for Batteries?

    Retro Fit Enphase AC Battery's to any System

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    Free In Home Solar Consultation

    30 North Are Professionals Who Understand Solar

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    Solar System

    Safety Checks

    Inverter Repairs

    Solar System Repairs

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    The Solar Basics

    Panels, Inverters and BOS

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    Why 30 North?

    Great Service

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    30 North Installations

    Have a look around your street. We could have installed your neighbour’s system!

Solar & Inverter Maintenance

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Solar Systems & Solar Inverters should be tested annually to ensure they are operating correctly and safe, call 30 North Solar TODAY !

Solar! Live Greener Today

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Why pay for energy when you can generate solar energy, Team up with the SUN and 30 North Solar to become energy independent today.


30 North - Your Full Service Solar Specialist

Congratulations on your decision to undertake an investigation into renewable energy or system maintenance and welcome to our website!

30 North solar is an Australasian owned solar power sales, installation, solar inverter repair and solar system repair specialist with offices in Brisbane and New Zealand. Our success is built on our core values; high quality solar products, superior service, delivering first class solar installations, solar inverter and solar system repairs. We have installed thousands of high quality solar power systems throughout Queensland, Northern New South Wales and New Zealand.

30 North's philosophy starts with this simple principle – We wouldn’t sell or install any system on your home or business that we wouldn’t have on our own. When it comes to safety, we engineer our systems to a standard where we would allow our children to touch and operate the system beyond the life of the system. Our product philosophy is Best-in-Class solar equipment from the world’s top-rated solar manufacturers, delivered with integrity and service at a competitive price.

When you are ready to connect to solar you can rest assured that our all-in-one services for solar sales, installation, maintenance and testing will be ready to design, install and maintain a solar system that fits with your energy needs, your budget, your home and your business. Our solar systems are created and developed with cutting edge solar technology for Australasian conditions.

If you are already connected to solar, no matter what brand or who installed the solar system, we have state of the art solar testing and solar diagnostic equipment to ensure your solar investment is safely generating clean and affordable renewable energy at its peak. Feel free to browse through our website to find out more about the benefits a solar system could have for your family or business. To request a free quotation please submit an online enquiry or call us today.

Thank you for visiting and welcome!

Yours sincerely,

The 30 North Team.

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